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Steps in Installing a Sump Pump

Whenever you build your house, it is very common for you to include a basement as one of the rooms in your house. Well, the basement has so many kinds of function. You might use the basement as the place where you can store you things and the other possible functions. However, by considering the condition that your basement is located in the very bottom area of your house, it is very possible that you might find it drown under water especially during the rainy season. Well, if you face such condition, you do not need to worry at all. Installing a sump pump can be a great idea for you. Later on, we are going to talk about this in more detail.

Yes, indeed, to find that your basement is full of water is totally annoying. How can you make the water out from the basement will become a troublesome thing. However, just like what has been mentioned before, you can deal with installing a sump pump in order to make sure that such condition will not happen again to you. The sump pump will help you to make the water will not flood the basement. Just continue reading and you will find out about how this will work and also the things that you need to prepare in order to make sure that your basement can be dry.


Well, before you deal with installing a sump pump, it is required that you check the condition of the basement especially the leaks where the water can get in. No matter how great you are in installing a sump pump if the leaks are not covered, then, everything will be pointless. The water will keep flooding your basement. That is why you need to checkup the condition first. The best way to deal with this matter is to make the checkup when it is raining outside. Therefore, you can find the leaks easily and thus, you can start covering the leaks.

Once you have found out the leaks, it is the time for you to prepare everything which is related to the matter of installing a sump pump. Of course, the things that you need to prepare including the sump pump itself, some cement, drilling equipment, some pipes, and the other possible kinds of equipment in which you think are necessary for you. You can start by digging a hole in your basement floor to place the sump pump. You can use the drilling equipment to make the hole or you can also dig it by using a hoe. Make sure that the hole is enough for the sump pump to be placed.


Whenever you have prepared the hole, it is the time for you to place the sump pump as the next process in dealing with installing a sump pump. Make sure that the pump is positioned properly. This thing is very important to make sure that the pump can operate properly. If you put the pump ineptly, you will find that the pump will not work optimally. It is even possible that you might only make the pump broken because the water is not sucked properly. The best way to do this is to make sure that the pump is positioned in flat position. It means that the pump can stand properly.

After you have made sure that the sump pump has been placed properly, it is the time for you to cover the hole by using the cement. Once again, you need to really be careful when you are doing this process in installing a sump pump. When you pour the cement, you must make sure that the position of the sump pump is not changed. It is really important because one you have put the cement, there is no turning back for you to adjust the position of your pump unless you dig the cement again. It means that you need to spend extra efforts.

The last step in dealing with installing a sump pump is the fact that you need to deal with the pipe. Just simply put the pipe and direct it to the outside location of the basement. Such thing is aimed to make sure that the water can be streamed out from the basement. Once you have done this process, it is all ready for the sump pump to operate. Do not forget to plug in the cable to make sure that the pump can be used properly.

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