Month: November 2017

Things to Know About Before Purchasing a Heat Pump

When it comes to heat pumps and HVAC in general, finding independent, reliable information and ratings is hard to come by. Couple this with the fact that it is in the best interest of the local HVAC companies to keep the industry shrouded in secrecy and you have a recipe for having a difficult time researching your upcoming heat pump purchase. This site will fill that space you are seeking and give you a one stop shop for finding reviews and ratings of specific heat pump units by all the major brand manufacturers.

This site will focus solely on heat pumps.  While many others try to cover the entire HVAC segment, we done in 100% on heat pumps.  This allows us to delve into greater detail than others.  Couple that with our expert experience and you have a winning combination for you the consumer. By gathering industry relevant information and using it to judge one unit against another we are able to bring you a independent view of each unit. We aim to gain your trust with thorough articles and trustworthy information.


What Impacts Our Heat Pump Ratings?

So what are the true factors that influence heat pumps and distinguish them from one another? We break the experience into 3 main categories:

Heat Pump Efficiency Rating

When it comes to the modern heat pump, efficiency is generally look at in terms of SEER rating.  You will find that today’s heat pumps have SEER’s ranging from 13 to more than 20.  With 13 being the minimum by federal standards, this will receive our lowest rating.  As you move up the efficiency scale you will see higher ratings.

Heat Pump Feature Rating

When we review these heat pumps we keep an eye on specific features and compare and contrast them against other heat pumps in the HVAC industry.  From there we ferret out those that truly have special features and those that are simply run of the mill.

Heat Pump User Rating

With our user rating we are trying to project what sort of user experience the heat pump will give down the line.  We derive this from past history of consumer insight and how people have responded to similar heat pump units.

Once we have all of these factors rated, we average them and get an overall rating for each heat pump.  You can use either the overall rating to make your decision or weight them differently based on your specific situation.

Please check here to see our most recent heat pump rating articles.  If there is a model that you would like us to rate please feel free to drop us a line and we will add it to the site!

Benefits of Hot Water Recirculating Pump

If you have just heard of hot water recirculating pumps, you must know as to why they have proved to be so beneficial for homeowners as well as for high-end restaurants and hotels. The need for instant hot water is everywhere and this is a big reason why such advanced water pumps are being considered. Besides, there are other advantages of setting up a recirculating pump for hot water. Let’s have a look:


  • Instant access to hot water – Imagine those appliances that take time to provide hot water when you need the most. Here comes the biggest convenience of a hot water recirculating pump as it will take no time to deliver hot water. Once you open the faucet, you will get it immediately.


  • Water wastage is controlled– Since a hot water recirculating pump delivers hot water in an instant, there is no chance of water getting wasted. So, when this pump is installed, the wait for water flow to reach the optimum temperature is eliminated, thereby saving a significant amount of time and money as well.


  • Installation takes no effort – When it comes to installing a hot water recirculating pump, it hardly takes any effort or time. In fact, the space required is minimal and this does not require you to take too much effort to set up the pump. The lesser space a water pump takes, the better it is.


  • Hassle-free operation – In terms of operation, a hot water recirculating pump involves no hassles. There are regular switches to turn on and off the pump whenever required. Users are also provided manuals that further help them in using these pumps.

Click here know about the benefits of installing a hot water recirculating pump, buy one today and enjoy instant hot water all the time.