How to Replace a Sump Pump Float Switch

The float switch is an important part of the sump pump. However, it can easily get damaged due to unsuitable materials floating into the sump pump or as a result of poor maintenance. This brings a problem when switching on and off hence the need to replace it. You either can replace your sump pump float switch with the help of this guide at home or by calling a professional. By replacing it at home, there are two methods that can be used; replacing the float pump with a new one or adding an external switch. However, you should not take this exercise lightly as if the replacement is done incorrectly; the pump may cease working or become sealed no more.


One can opt to disassemble the sump pump float switch, replace the switch and reassemble the pump again. However this must be done correctly to enhance continued use of the pump. On the other hand, one may opt for an external float switch if they are not experienced since it’s easier than replacing an existing float switch. The steps involved in replacing the float switch with both methods are as indicated below;

Method one; Replacing the Float Switch

First of all, let the sump pump run until all the water has been removed from the sump basin and then disconnect the power to the pump. Read on the user manual to establish the location of the float switch. Remove the switch from the sump pump and open it up by unscrewing the connections. This gives you a visual of the broken electric switch inside. Remove it and replace it with a new one by gluing it using water proof glue. Once it’s dried up, replace it in the sump pump and test making sure that all areas that were sealed before are sealed.

Method two: Adding another plug in switch

The switch can also be replaced by adding a different plug in switch. You can do this if you don’t want to dig up the old sump pump floating switch. This is done by bypassing the electrical wiring of the old switch and having it ready to connect to the new switch outside of the pump. Then seal the electrical housing appropriately using a sealant ideal for concrete. You can then add a plug to the switch with a screwdriver and leave it on the Pump’s exterior.

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